We accept submissions of letters and articles addressing the events of September 11. 2001. All submissions undergo a preliminary review by the editors. If worthy of further review and possible publication, peer-reviewers will be sought. Articles published at the journal are thoroughly reviewed by at least two peers whose credentials and experience indicate their ability to effectively evaluate the subject matter.

Only in exceptional circumstances will the journal publish revised versions of articles already published. Responses to articles or letters will be considered as letters to the editors. Articles sent through the peer-review process that do not receive a recommendation for publication by all reviewers may be considered for publication as letters, at the discretion of the editors. We encourage researchers to submit revisions, corrections, new ideas, and replies to critics to the Letters section.

We are open to a range of topics related to 9/11 but especially invite submissions on the following subjects:
  • Obstruction of FBI, CIA and DIA investigations prior to 9/11
  • Failure of the chain of command on 9/11
  • Failure of hijacking prevention measures or air defenses on 9/11
  • The destruction and debris pattern of United Airlines Flight 93
  • The health problems experienced by 9/11 first responders
  • Review of those who benefited from the 9/11 crimes
Please submit letters and articles in Word format to the contact email at the bottom of this page.